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Jenn Carbajal

Shooting Star

Vanguard College of Cosmetology-Metairie  2013

In her years of refining her craft at A Thomas Cousins Salon, Jenn has distinguished herself as a master in the art of subtle balayage coloring.  

Trying to grow out your hair?  Jenn has also developed a reputation for being able to shape long hair without sacrificing length.  (Yep, we are talking to all of you teen and 20 something ladies.)

Heather Helmer

Shooting Star

Vanguard College of Cosmetology-Metairie  2014

While Heather is a master in all realms of cutting and coloring, she may be best known for her precision in Men's grooming. Heather has a perfectionist attitude toward hair cutting and anyone sitting in her chair should be prepared to spend some time in the salon, which we promise you won't mind at all after experiencing her sleep-inducing shampoo massage.

Kat Quirin

Rising Star

Vanguard College of Cosmetology-Slidell  2014


Kat is an all around hairstylist...Just need a quick trim...How about changing your hair to a beautiful pastel purple...Maybe you just need to refresh your highlights.  Kat can handle it all AND in a time frame that can fit into your busy schedule.

Hannah Holley

Rising Star

South Louisiana Beauty College-Houma, 2016

Hannah began her career as a men's grooming specialist at SportsClips in Houma, LA.   Not one to be pigeon-holed into just one specialty, Hannah has also spent a great deal of time developing her skills in Special Occasion Hair!  She is quickly becoming our go-to stylist for Special Occasion Updos at A Thomas Cousins Salon.

Chelsea Lewis

Shining Star

Paul Mitchell Partner School Virginia Beach, VA

Chelsea is the most recent addition to A Thomas Cousins Salon's team.  After having finished cosmetology school in Virginia Beach, she moved back to Louisiana in 2017 and is currently continuing her hairstyling, cutting, and coloring knowledge as Thomas' assistant.  Chelsea is already recieving rave reviews on her scalp massage and shampooing skills and takes appointments be request only.

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