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The Stars of the Show

Beauty on Any Budget

It may not be as vibrant as our signature red chairs, or as memorable as our famous neck and scalp massage, but one of the biggest differences between A Thomas Cousins Salon and our competition is our unique pricing structure.  

We realize that not everyone needs the expertise of a 20 year veteran hairstylist. However, those of you who do requires that extra special care to achieve the hair you love also know the agony of trying to get an appointment with the most sought after hairstylist in town.  

The way we remedy this situation in our salon is by offering different pricing levels for our stylist based off of their individual REPUTATION, EXPERIENCE, and DEMAND.  This way, you only pay for the expertise you NEED while still enjoying ALL of the service you deserve.

Shining Stars

These are the freshest of our talented team.  Our Shining Stars have completed the licensing requirements of the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology and are currently in the new talent training program at A Thomas Cousins Salon.  During this time of their training, a Shining Star is undergoing intense weekly training under the direct supervision of Thomas Cousins and will often be seen assisting Thomas and the rest of the team with the needs of the salon guests.  Once a Shining Star has completed the certification process, they begin to accept paying guests.

Occasionaly, we have the opportunity to hire hairstylists who already have considerable experience; however, due to their newness to the area, they are currently building a guest list.  Generally, these stylists will be categorized as Shining Stars while they build their REPUTATION and guest list.

 Our Shining Stars are ideal for any guest who desires a remarkable experience even if their hairstyling needs are only basic.  

Rising Stars

Our Rising Stars are hairstylists who have been with our salon for at least one year, have completed our training program, and are currently working on building their guest list.  In order to become a Rising Star, our hairstylist have to demonstrate that they are in fact building demand through a proven record of guest retention and new guest referrals.

Shooting Stars

Our Shooting Stars have generally been with our salon for 2-3 years, have developed a strong REPUTATION in the community as outstanding hairstylists, and have demonstrated a thorough skill level of hair styling and coloring techniques with outstanding knowledge of the many styling products we offer.  While Shooting Stars are still actively building their guest lists, they have a strong REPUTAION and DEMAND in the community and therefore accept new guests mainly by request.

Rock Stars

Rock Stars...By this time, our hairstylists have MASTERED the most up-to-date cutting and coloring techniques and have shown the ability to teach these techniques in the salon.  Rock Star stylist must have built a GREAT REPUTATION and DEMAND as a hairstylist in the community as measured by the stylist's active guest list, guest retention, and new guest referral rate.

Due to their level of DEMAND in the salon, our Rock Star stylist accept new guests BY REQUEST ONLY!!!

Super Novas

The true test of dedication is embodied in these individuals.  Super Novas must exhibit a MASTERY of their craft that is recognized by industry professionals outside of our salon.  These are the most sought after stylists in the salon not only because of their very advanced education level but also because of their well known reputation in the community and the demand for their talent in the salon.  While it may be difficult to obtain an appointment with a Super Nova, in the end, for those who need them, it is well worth the wait.

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